About Us

Erin, Anna-Maria and Elena Kit carving Thanksgiving Fried Turkey 2010

ERC was founded in 2007 by Erin Rodriguez, the company’s President, with a guiding philosophy that the only true way to ensure quality control in a construction project is to have a “hands-on” general contractor.

Erin has been a framing and trim carpenter since 2000 and he continues to wear a tool belt on every ERC project and, as a result, has a frontline understanding of the tenor and on-going progress of each project. With accessibility being the key to any successful client relationship, Erin can be reached anytime by phone. Though he may be installing windows or framing a wall at the time, the call will not go unanswered.

Before discovering his passion for carpentry and working with his hands, Erin worked as a corporate lawyer after graduating from Bowdoin College and the University of Michigan Law School. A recovering lawyer, Erin’s years as a corporate lawyer emphasized the importance of discovering and following one’s passions which not only led him to pursue carpentry, but also led him and his wife Anna-Maria to relocate their lives in 2004 to a small, seaside community with a rich history and boundless natural beauty – Apalachicola, Florida.

Erin and Elena Kit carouseling at the Apalachicola Seafood Festival 2010

Framed by the Apalachicola River, the Apalachicola Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and national forest, Apalachicola and its barrier islands offer world class beaches and fishing, great dining and shopping opportunities, and unparalleled sightseeing.

Erin, Anna-Maria and their daughter Elena Kit, who was born in 2009, live in Apalachicola’s historic district in a home that they renovated. Along with owing and operating 49 Palmetto, Apalachicola’s leading art gallery of contemporary southern folk art, Anna-Maria is also a licensed real estate broker associate and can assist you in every step along the way towards finding the property that is right for you.